Summary of SLAC 500 GeV Standard model sample

Generator Summary information

From the whizard output available at SLAC ftp site for Standard Model process process summary was created.

Summary of all processes is all.txt.

The format of the file is,

1st column: File name prefix
2nd column: Process ID
3rd column: Process info ( See below )
4th column: Event class (See below )
5th column: Number of events in a file (Information may be wrong, if more than one file is generated)
6th column: Total cross section in fb
7th column: Error of the total cross section in fb
8th column: beam particle
9th column: polarization of beam particle (Those specified in ) 
Process info in the 3rd column is defined as follows:
Process info=n0 + n1*10 + n2*10^2 + n3*10^3 + n4*10^4 
    + n5*10^5 + n6*10^6 + n7*10^8
 n0=Number of higgs in final state
 n1=Number of gamma 
 n2=Number of neutrino
 n3=Number of tau
 n4=Number of muon
 n5=Number of electron
 n6=Number of quarks
 n7=1 if two-photon process.

Summary files for each event class

Summary files of each event class are available below.
Akiya Miyamoto, last update: 5-December-2008