How to run ILCSoft in KEK

(Last update: 2-September-2009)


Examples to run ILCSoft in KEK environment are described below.

Packages and environments


A very simple example for a bash user to run Mokka with ILD_00 detector model is
$ . /proj/soft/ilcsoft/v01-06/Mokka/mokka-06-07-patch01/
$ Mokka mokka.steer < mokka.g4
where mokka.steer and mokka.g4 are files for parameters. Parameters to be modified in these files are as follows:
For more information, please see Mokka Homepage

Mokka display

Mokka can be used to draw a detector geometry. To do this, just run Mokka as described in the above, but change the geant4 command file, mokka.g4, to include Geant4's display commands or omit it to run interactively, i.e.,
$ Mokka mokka.steer
.... (Mokka initialization message)
When Idle> is shown, a user is ready to enter display command.

Sample commands are shown below.
Display vertex detector geometry
Idle> /control/execute
drawvtx.g4 calls setInvisible.g4 to disable geometry other than Vertex detector. The ILD_00 model in Mokka defines all geometries for vertex detector in world volume, thus volumes other than vertex detector need to be set invisible to display only vertex detector.

Display EM CAL
Idle> /vis/open OGLIX 700 700
Idle> /control/execute drawecal.g4
This command will display one module of EMCAL. /vis/open OGLIX ... command is to open X window for display. 700 700 is a window size in X and Y. Use window size you like.

Other useful information would be obtained by help command. Some useful commands are listed in hints.txt.
List of all geometry would be obtained by
Idle> /vis/ASCIITree/verbose 4
Idle> /vis/drawTree

Marlin Reconstruction

A very simple example for a bash user to run Marlin reconstruction is
$ ilcsoft=/proj/soft/ilcsoft
$ . ${ilcsoft}/v01-06/Marlin/v00-10-04/
$ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${ilcsoft}/lib:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}
$ ln -s ${ilcsoft}/LCFI_MokkaBasedNets/v00-01/ILD_00 nets
$ Marlin stdreco.xml
where, stdreco.xml is the input parameter file for Marlin. Following parameters in stdreco.xml should be modified. stdreco.xml is the setting for ILD LOI sudies. The standard reconstruction file could be created by yourself by a script,, which will be found in StandardConfig/v01-01/scripts in ilcsoft distribution, for example

Marlin Analysis

to be filled

Mars Analysis

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