Generator information for ILD studies
Samples for Ecm=500 GeV

(Last update: 14-May-2008)


Generator samples for SUSY processes

The SUSY samples were prepared based on the report of the ILC WWS benchmark panel, arXiv:hep-ex/0603010v1. The SUSY parameters were taken from Table 1 of the report. The point 1 parameters were used for scalor muon pair production process and the point 5 parameters were used for chargino pair and the 2nd lightest neutralino pair production processes.

The events were generated by a package, Physsim. The latest version of Physsim is available from a server for the CVS repository,

In the table shown here, the SUSY mass spectrum calculated by Physsim is compared with those decribed in the Table 1 of the benchmark panel report and calculated by Isajet 7.75. The benchmark panel report used Isajet 7.69. Physsim uses m1 and m2 as inputs intead of m1/2 in the case of Isajet. Thus, m1 and m2 calculated by Isajet were used for inputs of Physsim. There are some differences in the SUSY mass spectrum among calculations, but differences would be negligible for our detector benchmark studies.

Links to inputs and output used for these programs are available here.

Files in StdHep format

Files generated by Physsim are on the grid, lfn:/grid/ilc/users/miyamoto/samples/gen/physsim/susy. Copies of them are also at the local disk in KEK, Information such as their file names, cross sections, etc are summarized in the following table. 100k, 10k, 50k of the file name indicates the number of generated events in the stdhep file. eL(eR) in the file name indicates that initial electrons are polarized to 100% left-handed (right-handed). Positrons were not polarized.
Process σtotal(fb) Bases log file StdHep file name related files SUSY masses(GeV/c2)
157.61 xcxc/bases_XCXC_eL.log xcxc/spgen_XCXC_eL_100k.stdhep xcxc directory = 210.21
= 117.36
= 210.67
0.293 xcxc/bases_XCXC_eR.log xcxc/spgen_XCXC_eR_10k.stdhep
29.24 xn2xn2/bases_XN2XN2_eL.log xn2xn2/spgen_XN2XN2_eL_50k.stdhep xn2xn2 directory
0.001754 xn2xn2/bases_XN2XN2_eR.log  
28.53 smuon/bases_SMUSMU_eL.log smuon/spgen_SMUSMU_eL_50k.stdhep smuon directory = 122.98
= 97.44
121.56 smuon/bases_SMUSMU_eR.log smuon/spgen_SMUSMU_eR_100k.stdhep

Notes about Physsim generator

Various distribution of generator samples

Distribution of several variables of generator samples are shown in the following links.