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[lcdds 339] Re: ILC detector timeline

Subject:   [lcdds 339] Re: ILC detector timeline
From:   "Takeshi Matsuda" <takeshi.matsuda@xxxxxx>
Date:   Wed, 13 Feb 2008 11:01:53 +0900

Dear Yamamoto san and the members of the ILD Joint Steering Board、

Thank you for the detector time line proposed by RD in the last ILCSC. The
followings are my quick comments.

What we heard from RD sounds reasonable, in particular, for the phase 1 of
detector design or the LOI phase, although the original and primary
request/purpose of the process to squeeze the number of the concept/LOI
groups down (to two) is now abandoned. Or do we/they think that this purpose
has already been achieved?

Now concerning to the detector design phase 2, I think that we are better to
have a careful look by ourselves if the goal and timeline might matches the
reality. In the other wards we need to discuss also in the ILD group how to
make it real. When I take the words of "completing the technical design of
detectors including reliable costing by 2012" straight, then I am afraid
that we need adequate resources for our R&D "phase 2" in 2009 already.

Best regards, Takeshi MATSUDA/IPNS/KEK

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From: Hitoshi Yamamoto [mailto:yhitoshi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2008 1:39 AM
To: ild-main@xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [lcdds 338] ILC detector timeline

Dear ILD colleagues,

  As you know, the GDE timeline has been revised in response to
the budget cuts in the US and UK. The word EDR is now gone, and
there are two phases: Technical Design Phase 1 until 2010 and
Technical Design Phase 2 until 2012.  The purpose of this note is to
inform you of what is going on on the detector side, and ask
for your inputs.

  The detector timeline should in some way synchronize with the
accelerator timeline. At the ILCSC meeting in DESY, the research
director has just presented a proposal for the detector timeline
also to have two phases synchronized with GDE; namely,
detector design phase 1 and 2.

  Phase 1 would include the LOI process, but the deadline
would be delayed by 6 months.  Also, ILCSC has requested
that the IDAG would 'validate' the LOIs rather than 'select two'.
Namely, the number of LOIs to survive the process is not
specified and considerable flexibility is left.

  Phase 2 would react to the LHC results and complete the
technical design of detectors including reliable costing.

  The IDAG member candidates have been selected but the members
are not finalized at this time. They will probably have an informal
get together at TILC08 where about 1/2 of the members will be,
but the formal start will probably be at the Warsaw meeting.

  If you have any comments on this, please send them to the ILD JSB.

  Best regards

  ILD Joint Steering Board
    Ties Behnke
    Dean Karlen
    Yasuhiro Sugimoto
    Henri Videau
    Graham Wilson
    Hitoshi Yamamoto