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[lcdds 325] Re: ILD in Sendai

Subject:   [lcdds 325] Re: ILD in Sendai
From:   Ties Behnke <ties.behnke@xxxxxxx>
Date:   Tue, 27 Nov 2007 08:49:47 +0100 (CET)

Dear Hitoshi, 

I am not sure how many people will be able to come to TILC08 - 
I will try to be there at least for part of the meeting. 

I think we should schedule a meeting there, even if 
it is only 2 month after the January meeting. It is 
important for the asian community, I guess, and, in addition, 
fit would provide a good intermediate 
point before the May deadline, where we need to 
fix the detector parameters.
So, I would suggest we plan for the day after TILC08, in 
addition to the half day which I guess will be made available from 
the organisers. 

Thanks for the mailing list. 

Cheers, Ties

On Tue, 27 Nov 2007, ?? ? wrote:

> Dear Ties,
>  At a JSB meeting, we said one day just before or just after
> the TILC08 plus a half day session within the workshop.
> It depends on how many people can attend from Europe.
> Two major ILD meetings only 1.5 months apart do not
> sound reasonable, though. We may actually cancel the
> ILD meeting at TILC08 leaving only the half day session.
> GLD mailing list is lcdds@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> - H
> On 2007/11/27, at 0:40, Ties Behnke wrote:
> >Dear Hitoshi,
> >
> >I did send you a few days ago a question and a suggestion concerning the
> >date of the ILD workshop after Sendai. My apologies if this
> >did not reach you.
> >
> >I would prefer that we schedule the meeting at the end of the
> >Sendai workshop. I have to be at the meeting at the start, since
> >there will be a discussion of the funding in Germany for the next few
> >years, which I should attend. How many days are you envisioning for the
> >ILD meeting? Just a one day affair, or longer?
> >
> >Another question: I set up a mailing list for ILD. At the moment I
> >included all LDC members on this list, since I had access to their
> >e-mails. What about GLD? Do you have an e-mail list which we
> >could just send messages to? This might be easiest for the time being.
> >
> >The name of the list is ild-main@xxxxxxxx I am talking to our
> >IT people here to have this list renamed to have the alias
> >ild-main@xxxxxxxxxx, so that it is more general. This seems possible,
> >but I do not know exactly when.
> >
> >Cheers, Ties
> >
> >   Ties Behnke
> >   DESY FLC
> >   Tel +49 40 8998 4918
> >   e-mail Ties.Behnke@xxxxxxx
> >

    Ties Behnke
    Tel +49 40 8998 4918
    e-mail Ties.Behnke@xxxxxxx