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[lcdds 323] Re: ILD in Sendai

Subject:   [lcdds 323] Re: ILD in Sendai
From:   山本 均 <yhitoshi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Tue, 27 Nov 2007 13:33:53 +0900

Dear Ties,

   At a JSB meeting, we said one day just before or just after
the TILC08 plus a half day session within the workshop.
It depends on how many people can attend from Europe.
Two major ILD meetings only 1.5 months apart do not
sound reasonable, though. We may actually cancel the
ILD meeting at TILC08 leaving only the half day session.

  GLD mailing list is lcdds@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

- H

On 2007/11/27, at 0:40, Ties Behnke wrote:

> Dear Hitoshi,
> I did send you a few days ago a question and a suggestion concerning  
> the
> date of the ILD workshop after Sendai. My apologies if this
> did not reach you.
> I would prefer that we schedule the meeting at the end of the
> Sendai workshop. I have to be at the meeting at the start, since
> there will be a discussion of the funding in Germany for the next few
> years, which I should attend. How many days are you envisioning for  
> the
> ILD meeting? Just a one day affair, or longer?
> Another question: I set up a mailing list for ILD. At the moment I
> included all LDC members on this list, since I had access to their
> e-mails. What about GLD? Do you have an e-mail list which we
> could just send messages to? This might be easiest for the time being.
> The name of the list is ild-main@xxxxxxxx I am talking to our
> IT people here to have this list renamed to have the alias
> ild-main@xxxxxxxxxx, so that it is more general. This seems possible,
> but I do not know exactly when.
> Cheers, Ties
>    Ties Behnke
>    Tel +49 40 8998 4918
>    e-mail Ties.Behnke@xxxxxxx