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[lcdds 118] Re: Dodecagonal CAL

Subject:   [lcdds 118] Re: Dodecagonal CAL
From:   Tohru-Takeshita <tohru@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Wed, 10 Aug 2005 07:30:51 +0900

Dear Sugimoto-san,
   it looks fine  to me. Very sophisticated !
   May be you have already number for the interaction length, although
  I'll re-calculate it by myself.
On 2005/08/08, at 21:53, Yasuhiro Sugimoto wrote:

> Dear Takeshita-san, and all,
>   How do you think about the CAL shape
> as  illustrated in the attached file?
> 12-gon  inside and 24-gon outside.
> If you think the gap due to cables
> cannot be thin enough, then you may
> skew  each HCAL module more.
> Y. Sugimoto
> <cal12.pdf>