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[lcdds 103] Minutes of the third meeting for the IR task force, 7/27

Subject:   [lcdds 103] Minutes of the third meeting for the IR task force, 7/27
From:   "T.Tauchi" <toshiaki.tauchi@xxxxxx>
Date:   Mon, 01 Aug 2005 17:57:36 +0900

Dear Colleagues;

Can you find a minute of the third meeting for the IR task force ?
We welcome your comment and suggestion.

The next meeting is 3rd August, 1:30pm-3pm, 3gokan 425 and TV conference
with 31100.

Our homepage is http://acfahep.kek.jp/subg/ir/bds/mdi/IR.task.force.htm .

Best wishes,
Toshiaki Tauchi

Minutes of the third meeting for the IR task force
    •     Date and time: 27th July, 13:30-15:00
    •     Place: 3-gokan, 425, KEK
    •     TV conference (ID=31100)

 Participants: T.Tauchi, A.Miyamoto, Y.Sugimoto, (KEK), A.Sugiyama (Saga

We discussed on the present status of the task force studies and the
WWS/urgent questions.

1. Beam pipe design by Y.Sugimoto
 (Tansparencies, 15 pages, pdf, 1.4MB)

Beam pipe designs were presented under following assumptions; (1) locations
of ZBCAL= 4.3m and ZFCAL(Mask) = ZTPC = 2.3m, (2) EM shower debris (
backscattering photons of the pairs in the final Q-magnet ) should not hit
TPC, where ZFCAL(Mask) and aperture of FCAL(Mask) and the pair background
core, which is well-defined in the radial distribution along the beam line,
are relevant parameters, (3) Tracks passing through FCAL should not go back
to TPC and (4) Radii of beam pipe should be large enough not to be hit by
pair background core. In some parameter sets, back-scattered photon can go
into TPC, where the minimum inner radius of TPC, RTPC is estimated for free
from the photons. If it turns out not acceptable by simulation studies, make
ZFCAL(Mask) shorter. The present studies have the beam energy of 250GeV and
the detector solenoid field of 3 Tesla with the five parameter sets in 2mrad
and 20mrad crossing cases.

Since the beam pipe design strongly depend on the beam parameters, the
baseline designs were shown for all the parameter sets. Also, the designs
called as Pre-Beaseline were presented for simplified geometry in Jupiter.

2. IR design installation in Jupiter by A.Miyamto
 (Tansparencies, 5 pages, pdf, 452KB)

Geometries of IR-region have been updated with the intermediate tracker in
both crossing angle cases. The geometries of final doublet and bean pipe
will be improved with new information obtained at this meeting.

3. CAIN simulation by T.Tauchi

 Disrupted beam and beamstrahlung photons were simulated with the nominal
parameter sets by CAIN. The data were stored in the homepage. The beam
parameter sets of 1TeV high luminosity, which has been suggested by A.Seryi,
are listed in the homepage, where the simulation results are also listed.

4. LCBDS simulation by A.Sugiyama

 Geometries of BDS and extraction line with 20 mrad crossing angle have been
installed in the LCBDS. The SAD geometrical data ( disp g in the SAD
command) are stored in the homepage, where S.Kuroda converted the MAD file
to the SAD file. Since LCBDS needs the input which the SAD does not have but
the MAD does, he would like to ask S.Kuroda for inclusion of the additional
information in the SAD file.

5. Immediate plans

(1) The simple geometries of final doublets. i.e. tube, will be prepared by
(2) Distrupted beam and beamstrahlung photons will be input to the LCBDS by
A.Sugiyama with help of T.Abe.
(3) SAD modification for the LCBDS geometrical input data by S.Kuroda, where
the additional information must come from the MAD file.
(4) Beam pipe design at Ecm=1TeV by Y.Sugimoto. The excel file( excel and
htm ) for the updates is prepared by him.
(5) Updates of IR geometries and installation of DID and aniti-solenoid
fields, in Jupiter by A.Miyamoto, the filed map of the DID in GLD has been
provided by A.Seryi, and that of anti-solenoid will be requested.
(6) Pair background simulation in VTX, IT and TPC by Jupiter, by A. Sugiyama

5. The urgent questions by WWS

 The questions and replies will be updated in following home page.
The questions with replies and comments