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[lcdds 101] Re: Some comments on proposed muon chambers

Subject:   [lcdds 101] Re: Some comments on proposed muon chambers
From:   "yamamoto222-ee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <yhitoshi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Mon, 1 Aug 2005 15:26:50 +0900

Dear all,

    Having one layer of muon system before any yoke material sounds
like a good idea. It may need some kind of absorber, though, to avoid
low energy components to be a nuisance. Some full simulation study
would be nice (to be completed at Snowmass? - volunteer?)


- Hitoshi

At 11:54 AM +0100 05.7.29, Mark Thomson wrote:
>Dear Colleagues,
>A few thoughts about the GLD baseline muon detectors (based on my
>experience on MINOS).
>MINOS uses 8m long 1cm thick scintillator strips read out by WLS
>fibres and 16 pixel PMTs (Quantum efficiency of ~0.18). For a
>minimum ionsizing particle the total number of observed PEs
>is approximately 10 when summed over both strip ends. Even with this
>modest QE and 8m long strips (which are not particularly thick) we
>almost always see a hit from a MIP. Gaps between adjadcent strips
>are not particularly important (<0.5% of muons sneak through).
>For the baseline having two orthognal layers of thickness ~1.5cm
>in between the return yoke gaps would almost certainly work well.
>This would enable the gaps between yoke sections to be reduced
>to 5cm.
>One additional suggestion, how about having the first layer of
>muon detectors immediately before the return yoke, i.e. after
>the coil. This would extend the efficiency for "tail-catching"
>to lower momenta.
>                       cheers,
>                              Mark.
>p.s. does anyone know the coil thickness in hadron interaction lengths ?
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