GLD Detector Outline Document

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Table of Contents and editors of Sections (as of Jan. 11. 2006)

  1. Description of the Concept
    1. GLD Concept (Y. Sugimoto)
  2. Detector Sub-systems
    1. Machine-Detector Interface (T.Tauchi)
    2. Vertex Detector (Y. Sugimoto)
    3. Silicon Trackers (H. Kim)
    4. Main Tracker (R. Settles, A. Sugiyama)
    5. Calorimeter (T. Takeshita)
    6. Muon System (T. Takeshita)
    7. Detector Magnet and Structure (H. Yamaoka)
    8. Small Angle Detectors (E. Won)
    9. Data Aquisition (P. LeDu)
  3. Physics Performance
    1. Physics Performance (A. Miyamoto)
  4. Costing
    1. Costing (A. Maki)
  5. Conclusion
    1. Conclusion (H. Yamamoto)