Dear colleague,

we would like to invite you to a common meeting of the LDC and the GLD concept groups at the American linear collider meeting, ALCPG, at Chicago in October. We plan to use both slots which have been provided by the organizers of the meeting, on Tuesday morning, and on Friday afternoon of the week. Plans are still evolving, but we anticipate the following program:

- Tuesday morning: 

o  presentation of the state of the cooperation

                 between LDC and GLD, presentation of work by the

                 different working groups

                 o Review of the current state of the two concepts

                 LDC and GLD

                 o Possibility (if time allows) for more specialised

                 contributions by members of LDC and GLD

- Friday afternoon: planning and discussion session:

                 o how do we continue, how do we make progress towards

                 an letter of intent, etc.

If you like to make a presentation at this meeting, please contact either or

Best regards,

Yasuhiro Sugimoto

Hitoshi Yamamoto

Henri Videau

Ties Behnke

Dean Karlen

Graham Wilson